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Welcome to Hey Randolph! 

Hey Randolph is an introduction to the world of journalism, production, and media as a whole provided to students at the Extended Arms Program. This elective is designed to get students excited about reading, writing, and research. Students in Hey Randolph will have the opportunity to develop skills and work in teams to create productions such as newscast, interviews and sporting reports. Students will have access to professional equipment and software including Apple computers, IMovie software, Divinchi editing software, video cameras, sound and lighting applications.

 Hey Randolph promotes teamwork along with keeping academic skills in mind. Students will learn how to create professional pieces of media while utilizing skills taught in everyday curriculum. Our students must be able to read, write and articulate ideas in order to be a productive team. Students learn the practice of research and finding appropriate resources to create successful stories.

 Goals of Hey Randolph:

Ability to work collaboratively within a group

Ability to confidently speak publicly

Ability to research topics and pull out relevant findings

Ability to organize research, facts, opinions, and pieces of writing

Ability to properly sequence materials in order to tell a story in multiple ways including visual and text

Ability to become familiar with editing software and video components

Ability to dress, speak, and act professional at all times